About Legacy Restoration

The passion behind the success of Legacy
Restoration lies with its founder and chief
restorer, Israel Simoes.  

His work with, and understanding of, the
complexities of wood began in his youth  
apprenticing with local craftsmen.  

Years of formal instruction and hands-on training,
in the techniques of fine wood finishing for both
antique and new wood work, followed under the
tutelage of masters including the
Isabel O'Neill
Studio for the Art of the Painted Finish, NYC.

Utilizing his own blends of products and
processes, Mr. Simoes has revitalized valuable
furnishings and wood pieces, restoring and
enhancing their natural beauty and strength,
and providing home and business owners an
affordable alternative to replacing fine wood
furniture and fixtures.

Legacy Restoration maintains excellent customer
relationships with a long list of satisfied
homeowners, decorators, designers, architects,
conservationists and restorers who know us for
original design, fine craftsmanship and finishing.

Our achievements include the successful
completion of unique projects on every scale,
from re-gilding a Louis XIV dining room set to
refurbishing a kitchen to designing and
constructing a wooden nature path leading to
a private beach on Long Island's exclusive
East Hampton shores.
Visiting the Carpenter's Shop in Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area